Live as you’re dead.



A clean, well-lighted place.



I never used to think living like a dead person would be my wish someday.

Since my childhood, I’ve thought about being a lawyer, a singer, a diplomat, a writer, a news anchor, a columnist, a coffee shop owner, a book store clerk, a boutique salesgirl……all these fancies based on one common assumption, that life is a positive thing and I want to live the most out of it. Unfortunately I have thousands of doubts about that now. It’s not in a bad way, you should now.

I try to reflect on myself for some moments everyday, but the pure loneliness makes me unable to clear my thoughts every time. When people start to pity him/herself, all of his/her judgments become unjustifiable. Hence I realize that I need to get rid of the self-pity thing before any thoughts come up. It’s difficult and almost impossible, but worth a…

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[美]雷蒙德·卡佛(RAMOND CARVER) (1938—1988)